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Polaris observatory provides the most up-to-date estimates for HCV, HBV and HDV disease burden and strategies that can achieve defined targets.

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Welcome to the Polaris Observatory

The Polaris Observatory is developed and managed by the CDA Foundation, a non-profit organization. The goal of the Polaris Observatory is to provide data, tools, training and decision analytics to support elimination of hepatitis B and C globally by 2030. The activities of the observatory are overseen by an independent advisory board with representatives from global health organizations, academia, liver societies, civil societies and donors.

Countries on Track to Acheive WHO Elimination Targets


On Track for WHO Elimination Targets

Working Towards Elimination

Elimination Unachievable Given Present Policy
Iceland United States Ireland Kyrgyzstan
Qatar Spain Hungary Croatia
Australia Austria Saudi Arabia Venezuela
Georgia Sweden Latvia Kazakhstan
Japan Malta Morocco Viet Nam
Netherlands UK Switzerland Jordan
Egypt Korea Denmark Bulgaria
France Luxembourg Pakistan Argentina
Germany Brazil Hong Kong UAE
  Mongolia India Ethiopia
  Norway Chile Cuba
  Estonia Belgium Burundi
  Portugal Romania Malaysia
  Canada Israel Colombia
  Lithuania Czech Republic Russia
  Lebanon Finland Azerbaijan
  New Zealand Algeria Philippines
  Italy China Mexico
  Slovenia Oman Cambodia
  Poland Slovakia Indonesia
  Iran Tunisia Panama
  Uzbekistan Peru Turkey
    Bahrain El Salvador
    Puerto Rico South Africa
    Greece Nigeria
    Iraq Afghanistan
    Papua New Guinea Ghana
    Libya Yemen
    Taiwan Syria
    Cameroon Madagascar
    Dominican Republic Kenya


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