Dr. Loreta Kondili of the National Center for Global Health receives certification from Polaris Observatory

The Polaris Observatory hosted Dr. Loreta Kondili from the National Center for Global Health in Rome, Italy for two weeks to receive training on the use of the BRIGHT HCV disease burden and economic impact models. The training and certification allows Dr. Kondili to support national policymakers and experts in Italy to analyze the impact of different elimination strategies and monitor progress toward those goals. “It was an absolute pleasure having Dr. Kondili with us in Colorado for the two-week training session,” said Sarah Robbins, epidemiologist with CDA. “We were able to provide an in-depth review of the hepatitis C model, while also adapting the session to best meet Dr. Kondili’s interests. I’m confident with our proposed next steps and look forward to a successful partnership.” Dr. Kondili and the Polaris team also discussed plans for further collaboration, including regional analyses and joint projects beyond hepatitis, including NASH/NAFLD.


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