Polaris presents at the first Birjand Hepatitis Conference - Use of data for formulation of public health policy

The first Birjand hepatitis conference was held following the Tehran conference. Birjand University, one of the oldest universities in Iran, has been at the forefront of the NoHep movement in the country. The meeting was organized by Dr. Ziaee and hosted at the medical school by Dr. Abedi. The meeting was well attended with over 300 physicians and medical students, of which 70% were female. In discussions with the university, the majority of the medical students in Iran are now female. Iran has an extensive providential registry that keeps track of disease burden for all citizens. The national number is used to link multiple registries and assess the progress and co-morbidities of patients over time. The talk focused on use of analyses to convert data into information and insights that can drive decision making and shape public health policies. A copy of the slides is available upon request (Request Data).


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