Polaris regional data on the 2016 cascade of care for HCV and requirements to meet elimination targets are presented at the Tehran Hepatitis Conference

The seventh Tehran Hepatitis Conference was held on September 6-8. The meeting was co-sponsored by EASL and had over 1,300 attendees in person or through the web. Dr. Alavian and his team planned the meeting for the last seven years. A number of experts from Iran presented data on the current disease burden, the standard of care, and best practices. In addition, a number of external invitees spoke at the conference. They included Drs. Massimo Colombo, Cihan Yurdaydin, Robert Gish, Laurent Castera, Mario Rizzetto, Amiran Gamkrelidze, Pascal Pineau, Mario Mondelli, Bijan Eghtesad and Homie Razavi. Dr. Massimo Colombo received the prestigious Kowsar award. Dr. Razavi, presented the Polaris data on HCV cascade of care and the requirements to achieve WHO elimination targets. The talk highlighted that most WHO regions are far behind what is needed to achieve the elimination targets with two exceptions – the Eastern Mediterranean region, as the result of an aggressive campaign in Egypt, and Pan American region, as the result of an increased treatment rate in the US. In all regions, screening will remain a bottle neck as the current pool of diagnosed patients will be depleted with increased treatment. A copy of the slides is available upon request (Request Data).

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