Polaris data is being used by others for original research

The vision behind the Polaris Observatory was to provide the data to the hepatitis community at large in order for other investigators to conduct their own original research. Thus, we were thrilled to see the manuscript by Dr. Andrew Hill titled “The road to elimination of hepatitis C: analysis of cures versus new infections in 91 countries”. The study uses Polaris data to show current treatment rate and the flow of patients required to achieve the elimination targets. Although the study is well conducted, it does miss an important factor, all cause mortality. Annually, approximately 800 thousand individuals infected with hepatitis C die of causes other than their viral infection. These individuals are still being removed from the infected pool and should be considered. Dr. Razavi commented, “we did not include all cause mortality data on the Polaris website, but did provide year over year prevalence. The number of non-liver related deaths can be calculated using the available data on the site.” Polaris data is provided free of charge to academic and government organizations. Data can now be requested by clicking on “contact us” at the top of each page.

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