Polaris collaborates with the Brazil Ministry of Health to update HCV disease burden estimates and economic impact of elimination targets

On August 24, a group of national experts, hepatitis experts from the Ministry of Health (MoH) and WHO PAHO convened in Brasilia, Brazil to update the HCV disease burden in Brazil and assess the economic impact. “I don’t think most countries are aware of the level of effort that the Brazil MoH has already provided toward elimination of viral hepatitis,” said Dr. Razavi. “Over the last six years, the MoH has distributed 28 million HCV rapid tests throughout the country. The findings, on a subset of these tests, have given us a much better picture of the prevalence of HCV at the national and regional level in Brazil.” In addition, the MoH recently reported that DAA treatment will be expanded to those F2 and higher. The findings of this collaborative effort will be reported by the Brazil MoH.

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