What happened to the prices of medicines being a barrier to treatment?

Homie Razavi, the managing director of the CDA Foundation, estimates that he has spent 5% of his awake hours, over the last three years, listening to complaints about the high prices of DAAs. “When you talk about elimination, price always comes up,” noted Razavi. We would spend hours talking about how countries can’t provide the needed treatment because of the high prices of the new therapies. Then, we launched GPRO, which offers the HCV drugs at a 60-90% discount and HBV drugs at a 90% discount compared to what most countries can get on their own. We thought countries would line up to join GPRO. After four months, GPRO has zero member countries. “We still think it is a great idea,” an enthused Razavi states. “The best part is that I have gained back 5% of my life where I don’t have to listen to complains about the high prices of hepatitis medicines. Now, we need to figure out how minimize airline and passport control queues. If we can pull that off, I can get back another 15% of my life.”

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