Free training offered by the Polaris Observatory

Free training offered by the Polaris Observatory Training on how to use the HCV and HBV Markov model is available for free to government agencies and academic institutions that don’t provide services/consulting for a fee. The training is offered at our office in Lafayette, Colorado for durations of 1-2 weeks. You work closely with one of our epidemiologists and a modeler to learn how to populate and calibrate the models as well as forecast the impact of different intervention strategies to achieve elimination targets. This includes looking at the impact of screening, treatment and reduction in new infections (including vaccination for HBV). The training modules also include running economic impact analyses for HCV and HBV. The outputs include the direct and indirect costs under different scenarios as well as cost per DALY, cost per QALY and ICER forecasts. For groups of 15 or more, the Polaris Observatory provides free on-site training.

Here are some individuals who have been certified:

  • Australia: Amy Kwon – Kirby Institute
  • Egypt: Drs. Sameera Ezzat and Ayat Rashed – National Liver Institute
  • Greece: Ilias Gountas – Athens University
  • Russia: Drs. Alexander Urtikov and Olga Sagalova – Central Research Institute of Epidemiology & Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy
  • Switzerland: Dr. Urs Rusch – Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen

The next training session is scheduled for the week of July 24th in Manila. This training is co-sponsored by Polaris Observatory and WHO WPRO region. If you are interested in our training program, please contact us at


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