Hepatitis C Treatment in Prison

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) epidemics are common in prison populations around the world, and U.S. prisons are no exception. Reports show that prisons often act as reservoirs of HCV with incarcerated populations accounting for between 30 – 40% of all infections. Most people infected with HCV do not know their status – a dangerous state of affairs as not only can individuals introduce the virus to an already vulnerable prison population, former inmates can spread HCV after their release into the community.

Dr. Michael Levy is a public health physician, who directs the Hume Health Center, a facility serving prison populations in New South Wales Australia. Dr. Levy works in collaboration with the Australian Government. He stopped by the Center for Disease Analysis to share the efforts, successes and challenges of controlling HCV in inmate populations and in the community at large.

Access his presentation here.


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